Move Management 

Our Move Mangers will handle every aspect of your move, from packing and arranging for local movers, to unpacking your belongings and helping you settle in to your new home. Let us take the stress of moving off your shoulders and make this the smoothest transition of your life!  We are your one stop service that takes care of every-step of your move.

Available Services

Home Prep Stage for Sale

The Plan - Our 515 Team will work along side you to come up with the best plan for your move

The Move -  Work along side us or come back when we are all finished

Welcome Home

Call 515 Connexions - The Zen Way to Move - 702-956-4466

Because each move is so different, we will tailor a package to fit your unique needs. Our fees will depend on what services are needed, and you will be provided with a custom quote for your project. The size of the job will also be factored in to the final price, and quotes for additional services (trash bins, movers, cleaners, etc.)  will be provided separately.