Our Team

Lori Judd and her incredible team of quality assistants and professional organizers are the "Connexion" that you've been waiting for.  Whether you're looking for someone to organize your home, manage your move,  or stay on top of day-to-day errands, Lori and her team have got you covered with their white glove service.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lori spent the first half of her life in Syosset. For over 32 years now, she has called Las Vegas and NYC her  home. Always on the move, Lori and her team at 515 Connexions have worked with countless homeowners and office managers everywhere from New York to California. Her expert ability to assist with difficult decisions and her astounding compassion has made her a household name across the United States.  With a passion for people, her team always holds the care and consideration for each client's unique needs as a top priority.

The 515 team's motto is "Get the job done, no matter what it takes", and they have proved time and again that they are up to the challenge. Their attention to detail is impeccable, and every project is approached with the client's needs in mind. With no stone left unturned, clients get to simply come home and live their best lives without ever lifting a finger.

At 515 we listen to your needs, and collaborate with you to create a plan perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.  Visit our Contact page today to get in touch and start your journey!

 Lori Judd - NYC, LI, CA, AZ, FL        Jill Caldarola -  NV, AZ, CA       Sherry Schriefer - Long Island 

Our company works nationwide. The corporate office is located in Las Vegas, NV

Corporate Office:  702-956-4466

Email: lori@515Connexions.com