Move Managers

Relocation Assistance

What is a Move Manager you ask?

515 Move Managers are your friends in sorting, organizing, packing, decluttering and more. We serve as the conductors who orchestrate all the pieces of your challenging move, with compassion and care. — to the extent that you need us, with patience and understanding during this overwhelming time. Each move is coordinated and directed by your personal Move Manager who will be with you the entire duration of the move. From start to finish.

You can count on us to:

  • Help you declutter, sort through your belongings, and organize items that you want to sell, toss, donate or move

  • We work with an estate sale professional to appraise personal property to sell items via auction, estate sale, etc.

  • Arrange for donation and trash drop-offs and pick-ups

  • Organize/supervise packing professional - Unpack and organize your new home

  • Line up and oversee professional movers and moving services

  • If needed provide boxes and moving materials

  • Coordinate the services of cleaners, painters, and maintenance professionals

  • Ship and store your furniture, arrange for storage units

  • Space planning - Measure the new place, Measure current furniture, Discuss practicality/sentimentality of items, map of new space

  • Set up utilities

  • Picture hanging

  • Resettling on moving day - beds made, pictures hung, boxes removed, refrigerator filled

Move Managers are different from the moving professionals you hire who come with a truck and load up all your stuff. We do not physically take your items from A to B but do for example, arrange for local movers and supervise them on moving day. What you pay will depend on how much or how little help you will need. Move Managers typically offer a menu of services. If you’d like assistance with decluttering but prefer to handle packing on your own, for example, then you’ll pay accordingly.

The following could be reasons why you may use a Move Manager to simplify your move:

  • The thought of sorting through 30 years of clutter sends you into a panic

  • You’re facing health issues that would make moving tasks like packing and sorting difficult

  • You’re not in a position to take on the emotional and physical burdens of moving/downsizing

  • You don’t have the help of nearby friends and family to fill in the gaps

Who uses Move Managers:

  • Realtors

  • Older adults

  • Family members

  • Bank and trust officers

  • Geriatric Care Managers

  • Attorneys

  • Social service providers/social workers

  • Senior living communities

  • Physicians and allied health providers

  • Anyone moving from one home to another

Cost: Each move has it's own needs, we like to come in and visit with you and actually see what the project will entail, estimates are never a cost . We charge either hourly or can package a move it will depend on what services are needed.