Executive House Managers

EHM, Assists in maintaining a schedule of when things need to be done, i.e., working with vendors in the home, cleaning the fridge, steaming floors, pool repairs, electrical issues and so much more:

Your right or left hand person

Runs errands

Travels to homes to get them ready for vacation

Plan and coordinate events

Pet care

Manages other assistants; housekeepers, wait staff, etc

EHM is the Doer of Things – sees what needs to be done and does it.

Has a heartbeat on the house. Most times more than the owners

Whether you are looking for a PA or EHM will depend on the person, if your ready to hand the keys and the garage code over to the house manager then your ready for a EHM that will be your eyes and ears of your home(s)

Our prices are very compatible: $45 per hour/packages of 5 hours/10 hour up to 40 hours per week available upon request.